Here is way with that you can send your audio files to your Whats App contacts in Iphone .
There is Simple And Easy Methods.
There is 2 Ways to send your Files.
1.With the help of app " itransfer".
2.With the help of app " Documents".

Here Is video that will explain you step by step.

First Method
  1. Get the free 'itransfer' app from app store
  2. In the app you will see Music libary
  3. Tap on Music libary
  4. Then you will see all the songs that you have in your music libary of your iphone
  5. Tap on Select option on upper right hand side of the phone
  6. Select the song that you want to send 
  7. On the downside right side of the phone you will see open in.
  8. In Open in scroll for whats app .
  9. Click On whats app 
  10. Select the Contact to whom you want to send.

If you still not clear with it .
feel free to message us .We will help you.

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