Here is the trick to record /capture your desktop screen using vlc media player.
1.First you have to install the latest version of VLC media player
2.After installation open VLC media player
3.In VLC click on media

4.In Media click on Open Capture Device

5. IN OPen Device Click on Capture device

6. In Capture Device Click on Capture Mode and Select it as Desktop.

7. When you will select desktop you will get desired framed ratio set it as per the quality you want for video , for example 20fps .30fps.

8. At the downside you will see play click on downside arrow with the play button and then click on convert.

9. In convert select the format for the recorded video and for destination to save the video click on browse and give name to the video.

10.Then simply click on start and recording of screen starts,. 
when you finish simply go back to VLC media player and click on Stop.

if you still have any questions. comment please and we will happy to help you.

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